• My compulsion to comform was so high that I’d been distressed all the time, and had eating disorders. Unfortunatelly, I used to have no faith in myself, so it effected my friendships and other relationships. After a few meeting with Viki my situation started getting better, my self-confidence got stronger and the eating dissorder had passed away.


  • After several psychotherapists, I got to Ibolya. On the first session, I already felt completely accepted, which I had never experienced with any previous psychologists. I instinctively perceived that I was in a secure environment and could express “my own self” with all my negative characteristics because I was not judged or stigmatised. I could openly speak about my problems and feelings. Her outstanding professionalism was accompanied with modesty and kindness. I felt equal with her, valued and respected in the therapeutic relationship. I learnt to accept myself as who I am. Since the therapeutic sessions I have felt much freer and braver and as a consequence my relationships have functioned much more effectively. My life is much more balanced because I feel liberated from my anxiety. Thank you.


  • Our experiences with you Ibolya is very good because my son trusts you. You could approach him and make him cooperate, changing his rejection. He looked forward to the sessions. You are an excellent psychologist. Thank you for your help.


  • Ibolya always absolutely listened to me, making me feel valued and accepted. I felt that we together were searching for the solution.


  • Thank you for your help, Ibolya. We are very grateful. With your assistance we have become a happy family again. Our daughter has become happy, content and again smiling. She has learnt to trust herself and people, she has been liberated from her anxiety. She has friends, goes out and gets good marks at school.

    Erzsébet (mother)

  • Thank you for your help, Ibolya. Thank to your help, my son goes to university and trying to find a job. He doesn’t give up anymore. He has had self-knowledge and has learnt to trust his skills. Also, he has accepted himself as who he is as well as people and the world itself.